Spreads Brand Identity & Packaging

Spreads Brand Identity & Packaging

To create a brand identity, packaging design and point-of-purchase display for a line of products.

Spreads is a playful spin on traditional jams, jellies, and butters. By developing the brand identity, packaging, and point-of-purchase display, I was able to create a cohesive and distinct brand that consumers can connect to.

The packaging uses bright colours and natural textures to portray a playful yet stylish brand. I chose to use food-safe “paint cans” for the jam and jelly products and a tin can for the butter products. The idea for the “paint cans” came from my concept of consumers being able to “paint” their food with different colours of spreadable toppings.

When creating the point-of-purchase display, I used foam-core, vinyl, and colour prints to compliment the packaging graphics and circular forms.
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