Las Vegas Zine

Las Vegas Zine

To create a zine about any chosen topic with a minimum 12 pages to demonstrate proficiency with typography, layout, and photography.

This zine communicates how Las Vegas is more than just “Sin City.”

I chose to use different sized panels with section names to create a fun and informative experience for readers looking to learn more about Las Vegas. These sections include:

Travel Tips - Best tips for the first time Las Vegas travelers. 
Must See - Some of the best shows or attractions that viewers “must see” on their trip to Las Vegas.
Travel the World - Showcases every themed hotel that was created to resemble a different place in the world.
Art + Design - Describes the different galleries, architecture designs, and art displays around Las Vegas.
Pools + Spas - Promotes the best pools and spas around Las Vegas that travelers should check out.
Top 10 - Exposes a variety of “Top 10” things to see and do that even seasoned travelers may not know about.
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