Framework 2016 Grad Book

Framework 2016 Grad Book

Create a book for our Framework 2016 grad show exhibition that features all 22 students and their individual projects and processes, while maintaining the overall theme of the exhibit.

Using the Framework graphics, students projects, and process pictures, I designed a layout to highlight each students individual work and the unique steps they took to completing their final outcomes.

The biggest challenge was inputting the red acetate decoder. As a team, we cut, scored, taped, and inserted each decoder into every book. This decoder was very important as it was used throughout
our entire grad-show to reveal multiple "hidden" text and information.

In collaboration with Molly Sjerdal, Fiona Hamilton, and Kelsey McDonald.
  • Framework 2016 Grad Show – Langara College

    All work is original and should not be copied or distributed. For viewing only.